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Water Damage: How to Save your Phone!

We all know water and electronics don’t mix, and so dropping your mobile device into water can be a pretty terrifying experience. Having repaired many water damaged phones and tablets, I want to give you some tips on how you can save your phone if it has suffered any kind of water damage plus I will bust some common myths that will not help.

Most phones on the market including iPhones are not fully waterproof with many not even being splash proof, so even a small amount of water in your pocket can seep into your device. Water will react with electronic components and create corrosion and often leaving permanent damage when not dealt with quickly. Common symptons of water damage often include your phone screen not turning on, blotches and damp spots on the screen and phones not starting up correctly.

Water damage myths

So first lets deal with a few myths that are spread around on how to fix phones that have been in contact with water.

Myth #1 – Putting your phone in rice.

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We’ve all heard this supposed age-old cure to ridding your phone of water; simply leave your phone in a bowl of rice overnight and the liquids will all be absorbed. Makes sense right? Doesn’t rice absorb water after all? Well, no, not exactly. Sure the outside of your phone will be nice and dry but the inside where are your components are will still be soaking wet. Take my word for it, I’ve seen many people bring phones in having been in rice overnight only for the inside to have a pool of liquid inside rendering this method practically useless.

Myth #2 – Putting in your phone in the oven / microwave.

Okay so if you cant absorb the water then surely you can just evaporate the water from the phone using some heat. Actually using heat is a really good idea as well get to later in this article but not using an oven. Too much heat and exposure to higher than normal temperatures for a long time will damage the electronics in your phone and do much more damage than the water.

Myth #3 – Stick your phone in the freezer

Some people have reported that they’ve been able to cure their wet phones by sticking it in the freezer, but we do not recommend trying this method. Putting your phone in the freezer exposes it to more moisture and could ultimately have the exact opposite affect and allow more water to condensate inside your phone, so do no try this one.

Water damage cures

When your phone has been dropped in water you need to act fast! Here is list of five things you should do immediately if you phone has been soaked.

1. Turn your phone off

If you can, power the phone off immediately and if the battery is removable take it out. This will prevent any more electrical damage and corrosion being caused if water is inside your phone.

2. Place your phone face down

If water is inside your phone the main concern is to keep it away from your logic board. If a phone’s logic board is damaged it will likely cost more than your phone is worth to fix it. Water may damage the LCD or battery but these parts are replaceable and much cheaper to fix.

3. Keep your phone somewhere warm

I recommend keeping the phone on a radiator or somewhere warm but not too hot to help dry up the water.

4. Call as soon as possible to arrange a repair!

With water damage it is essential to have it checked by a professional as soon as possible to access the damage and fix.

You can contact me on my number 07490 156813 for further advice and to arrange a diagnosis anytime during the week.

Sometimes despite all efforts it may not be possible to fix a water damaged phone but by following these steps you will give your phone the best chance of working again.

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