Here is the list of LG mobile repairs we currently complete, if your phone is not found in the list below or the repair you need is not listed then please contact us using the contact form. We offer a free diagnosis, so that you can know the exact issue before repair.  Most phone repairs are completed within an hour.

Please note that for phones with water damage we cannot give a quote as the damage can vary significantly. We recommend that you contact us first and arrange a diagnosis.

Price List:

Model Screen Repair Battery Replacement Charging Fix
LG G2 £45 £25 £30
LG G3 £30 £25 N/A
LG G3C (mini) £35 £25 £25
LG G4 £40 £30 £30
LG G4 mini £50 £30 £30
LG G5 £50 £30 £30
LG G6 £70 £30 £30
LG K4 £120 £70 £40 £30
LG K8 £140 £80 £40 £30